4th Infanrty Regiment Veterans’ Association

The 4th Infantry Regiment is the second oldest unit, the first American unit to travel and fight overseas.  The 4th has the most battle streamers The only American unit award a Silk Ribbon DUI

The 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans Association


About Us

The 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans’ Association is dedicated to the preservation and traditions of the 4th Regiment of Infantry¬†which was first organized in 1796. Today it is known as the 4th Infantry Regiment and has two battalions on Active Duty, 1st Battalion stationed in Hohenfels, Germany and the 2nd Battalion stationed at Fort Polk, LA.

The 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans’ Association is a 501(c)(19) tax exempt organization incorporated under the laws of Louisiana as a non-profit veterans organization. The Association provides members a means to carry on the “Warrior” spirit and comradeship that has been prevalent in the Regiment from the Battle of Tippecanoe to the Wanat Valley in Afghanistan. The Association is established as a non-profit military service organization with a comprehensive Constitution and By-laws. The objectives are to promote morale and high esprit-de-corps among the members of the Regiment and provide opportunities for past and present members of the Regiment to form a close and lasting relationship. We support these objectives by hosting numerous programs with the veterans of the Regiment and the active duty Battalions.


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Fourth Infantry Regiment