Memorials Program

It is Time to Honor the Warriors of our Regiment

The 4th Infantry Regiment is recognized as one of the most decorated Regiments in the United States Army as well as one of the oldest Regiments in the United States Army, serving this Nation for over 200 years. Originally organized in 1796, from the 4th Sub-Legion, this Regiment contribute to the shaping of this Nation through enabling its military forces in securing its borders and interests throughout the nation and worldwide.

The Battalions of the Regiment continues this mission today from different posts one at the Joint Military Readiness Center (JMRC) in Germany and the other in Fort Polk, LA.

Monument Foundation Mission

The mission of the Monument Foundation is to recognize the contributions of the 4th Infantry Regiment and it unique role in our Nation’s history.The foundation was established to pay tribute to past, present, and future members of by a monument to the United States Army.

The monument will be located at the National Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, Georgia and will serve as a lasting symbol honoring the Regiment’s important role in our Nation’s military history.

This Regiment has given so much to this country its time to honor them with a bigger than life monument designed as a dramatic” thank you” for their selfless service.


It’s a shame that a monument has not been erected sooner. The 4th Infantry has increased visibility since the Global War on Terrorism. And, now contributions are needed to ensure the imminent monument completion.

Explore this website and discover how you can share in this tribute and become part of history when you support the construction of this unique monument.

Fourth Infantry Regiment