4th Infantry Regiment

The 4th Infantry Regiment (“Warriors”) is an infantry regiment in the United States Army. It has served the United States for over two hundred years.

The Regiment has contributed to the development of the United States by protecting citizens from the Indians in the Northwest Territory to Florida and then in Illinois. Presidents Harrison and Jackson would command the Regiment during these conflicts. The Regiment would help move the Cherokee Indians west then settled in for garrison duties throughout the west. The Regiment would once again be called upon to fight in the Mexican-American War defeating the Mexican Army at every meeting. Many future generals and presidents would serve with the Regiment during these periods to include President Taylor and President Grant. During the Battle of Monterrey, the Regimental Band would turn a captured battery against the Mexicans, turning events in favor of the American Army. For their actions, the Regimental Band was authorized to red piping along their trousers and a red lining around their rank.

The Regiment would move west serving from California to the Washington Territories protecting settlers as they moved into the territory. The United States experienced major turmoil when the Southern states separated from the Northern states in what we call The Civil War. The Regiment would move east and participate in every major campaign throughout Virgina, Pennsylvania and and Maryland. The Regiment would end the war as General Grant’s guard force. After duty throughout the Northeast, the Regiment would once again be called upon to protect the settlers against the Indians throughout the western states and territories.

During this time, the Regiment would move to Fort Sheridan, ILL and be prepared for deployment to fight against the Spanish in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. After the war’s end the Regiment was sent to the Philippines in which the Regiment would see the actions of 3 soldiers result in their being the recipient of our Nation’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor.

Upon return from overseas, the Regiment was assigned once again throughout the western states to protect the citizens from the Indians. After another deployment to Philippines, the Regiment would once again prepare for war, this time it was in Europe, WWI had begun and the Nations allies called upon the United States for help.

The Regiment would enter France and soon see the front. It is during this war, the Regiment would once again see one of their own enter combat and come out a hero, PVT John L. Barkley would be the recipient of the Medal of Honor for actions near Cunel, France. Upon return to the United States, the Regiment would be sent back to the Northwestern United States and be stationed at Fort George Wright, Washington. It is during this period the Regiment was authorized to wear the cloth, red-green distinguished unit insignia.

With the outbreak of hostilities in Europe and Asia, the Regiment would be called upon to protect the citizens in Alaska. The the United States entered the War and the Japanese seized the Aleutian Islands. During the campaign to retake the islands, the Regiment would serve with distinction in retaking Attu. After the war the Regiment would move to Fort Benning and serve as demonstration troops for the Infantry School. The Regiment would be soon move to Ft Cambell, Kentucky and prepare for its longest overseas movement to Germany. It is here that they would be the part of the 3rd Infantry Division and NATO.

With the Soviet Union threatening the West, the Regiment would be tasked to provide a battalion of Infantry to guard the Pershing missile system. They would proudly execute this mission for nearly 30 years. With the withdrawal of the missiles from Europe, the Regiment would provide a battalion for the mission as OPFOR in Hohenfels, Germany where they currently serve.

After the attack by terrorist on the United States, the Regiment was once again called upon to respond. Another battalion was reactivated, stationed at Fort Polk as part of the 10th Division (Mountain). The battalions of the Regiment would serve in both theaters from Iraq to Afghanistan.

The Regiment continues to serve but with two separate battalions concurrently serving in Germany and Louisiana. The Warriors of the Regiment serve proudly and train to fight the enemy wherever they may threaten the freedoms and liberties of the American people.

Noli me tangere!

Fourth Infantry Regiment