Honor the Fallen

Battlefield CrossWhen a serviceman or woman is lost in battle, it has become customary to arrange their boots, rifle and helmet in the configuration as above. The surviving members of the unit will gather around the “Battlefield Cross” to memorialize their fallen comrade.

Note: This site is not only for those that died in battle, it is for those that have passed on and were veterans of the greatest Regiment in the United States Army. Noli Me Tangere!

This page is dedicated to preserving the memory of service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


COL Clifton Albert Ripperger III June 21 1948 – June 11 2014 Commander 2-4 IN

Honoring those who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

Chiomento, Robert SSG 06-17-2006 OEF Arlington National Cemetary

SSG Robert J. Chimento II, Died – Jul 17 2006


CPL Conor G. Masterson,  Died – Apr 08, 2007

Hernandez, Joseph M CPL 01-09-2009 Arlington National Cemetary

CPL Joseph Michael Hernandez, Died – Jan 9 2009

Mescall, Brian M Maj 01-09-2009 Arlingotn National Cemetary

MAJ Brian M. Mescall, Died – Jan 9 2009

CPT Mark A. Garner, Died – Jul 6, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery Website Gravesite Photos;
Arlington National Cemetery Website Gravesite Photos;

SSG Marc Andrew Arizmendez, Died – Jul 6 2010

SPC Roger Lee, Died – Jul 6, 2010

PFC Michael S. Pridham, Died – Jul 6, 2010

CPL Jason R. Parsons, Died – Jan 9, 2011

SPC Omar Soltero, Died – Jan 31, 2011

PVT Brandon T. Pickering, Died – Apr 10, 2011

PFC Jonathan M. Villanueva, Died – Apr 27, 2011

SSG Matthew D. Hermanson, Died – Apr 28, 2011

SGT Rafael E. Bigai Baez, Died – Sept 23, 2011

PFC Carlos A. Aparicio, Died – Sept 23, 2011

1st LT Andres Zermeno, Died – Sept 25, 2011


The Cold War – During the Cold War there were numerous Soldiers that died while serving in the 4th Infantry Regiment, We honor their service and their sacrifice. We are in the process of finding these records and updating them here. Please be patient and of you are aware of any please notify us so we can verify them and place their name and circumstances on this site.

AUG 18 1972 – Pegnitz Germany 33 members of the Heavy Mortar Platoon were being transported by a CH-47A helicopter from Ludwigsburg to Grafenwoehr for a live fire training exercise. Fatigue failure of the rear rotor blade led to its separation causing structural damage resulting in the crash and explosion that killed all 37 on board, including four crew members (4th Aviation Company, 15th Aviation Group).

A memorial was placed near the crash site and it reads:

“Unser Sohn, unser Bruder, ein Junge, ein Mann.
Sein Versprechen mit Glauben gehalten.
Seiner Herausforderung mit Mut entgegengetreten.
Seine unerfüllten Träume so bald mit Gott verbunden.”
18. August 1971

“Our son, our brother, a boy, a man.
Kept his promise with faith.
Met his challenge with courage.
His unrealized dreams connected with God so soon.”
August 18, 1971

HHC 2-4 IN

PFC Vernon L. Ailstock Jr
PFC Michael L. Annis
SP4 Fernando Apodaca
SGT Terry E. Bowerman
PFC Samuel M. Cherry
PFC Mark P. Connors
PFC Raymond H. Cork
SGT Harold D. Dillaman Jr
PFC David P. Dunks
1LT John E. Echterling Jr
PFC John P. Egeland
PFC Charles E. Fife
PFC Raymond T. Gadbois
SGT George J. Gongaware
PFC Roger M. Hartman
PFC Paul E. Hickson
PFC Lawrence H. Karaschin
PFC Arthur R. Kearney
PFC Eric L. Landry
PFC Edward A. Monnin Jr
PFC Eddie W. Nichols
PFC David A. Person
PFC Ronald R. Pestka
1LT Henry L. Pittard Jr
SGT Christopher W. Pyzik
SP5 Russell L. Schober
PFC Ronald F. Scholl
SSG Paten L. Smith
PFC David W. Stover
PFC Noel Velez
PFC Jeffrey M. Vickerman
PFC Clarence C. West
PFC Richard Willis

4-15 AVN:

CPT James W. Hensley [P]
CW3 James H. Perry [P]
SP5 Lawrence J. Angelini [FE]
SP4 Dennis A. Ferraro [CE]


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