Distinguished Member of the Regiment Program

Distinguished Members of The Regiment (DMOR) provide a link with history for today’s soldiers. The primary mission of each of these special appointees is to perpetuate the history and traditions of The Regiment, thereby enhancing unit morale and esprit. In accordance with Army regulation 600-82, the DMOR program is open to any former member of any Battalion of the 4th Infantry. The Honorary Member of The Regiment (HMOR) program is designed to recognized non-regimental members for service to The Regiment. Since the inception of the program in 2014, most former CDRs and CSM’s of The Regiment have been nominated and appointed as DMOR’s.

It is an honor and a privilege to present the names of all Distinguished and Honorary Members of The Regiment to date.


Friday 6 June 2014. We inducted the following personnel into the Distinguished Member of the Regiment Program:

Distinguished Members of The Regiment

LTG(retired) Robert F. Foley CDR 1-4 IN

COL(retired) Robert “Tex” Turner CDR 1-4 IN

COL Hugh Perry CDR C Co. 2-4 IN

COL Thomas Rickard CDR 2-4 IN

COL Dan Kelley CDR 3-4 IN

COL(retired) Kurtis Meyer CDR 2-4 IN

LTC(retired) Frank Sturek CDR 2-4 IN and Honorary Colonel of the Regiment

LTC Paul Cunningham CDR 2-4 IN

CSM Thilo Hendricks CSM 1-4 IN

CSM Alan Michaud CSM 2-4 IN

CSM Maruice Jackson CSM 3-4 IN

Doug Depew Writer

Phil Logan Historian

Honorary Members

Thank you to all the special guests, soldiers, NCOs, Officers and families that attended the ceremony at Mountain Field. WARRIORS!




Fourth Infantry Regiment