History of the Regiment

This page is where the reader will find the history of the Regiment from 1796 to the current date. This Regiment has served the United States for over 200 years honorably and with distinction. It has contributed to the expansion of the United States west through the Ohio Valley, south through the Florida Keys and west though the Washington Territory. It has protected the Alaskan tundra from foreign invaders and stood in the cold winters of Europe for Peace for 30 years giving Peace a chance, our Warriors have served the Army in training foreign Armies and American forces as the OPFOR at the JMRC since the end of the Cold War and has fought in the Global War on Terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The Warriors of this Regiment continue to train and prepare today for tomorrow’s conflicts and are prepared to fight where ever our country calls upon the 4th Infantry to meet anyone that threatens the freedoms of the American people.

I encourage you to read this historical account as to the many great warriors that served in our Regiment and learn about their deeds as well as those that died and their deeds. Learn about the leaders that served and how they met the challenges of the times.

Fourth Infantry Regiment